I have been told many times by some that I come off harsh to single mothers. To some I do not understand their plights and circumstances. I do not sympathize with how they feel. All of these things are true. 

by Grey Grymm

There are few words misused or overused as the word leader. So let's first look at the definition of the word leader. The Oxford dictionary defines leader as “the person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country.”

It is a pretty simple straight forward definition (for the English majors and nitpickers out there yes this is only definition no. 1 which is the one we are discussing). You will see many things not listed in the definition because those things are adjectives that we use to describe a leader : good, bad, terrible, strong, weak, etc, etc.

So when someone asks me what is a leader I simple say that a leader is someone that leads because that is all that a leader does. We as humans like to romanticized about how leaders are these charismatic figures that completely change the course of time and space by their shear force of will.

As a business consultant and a member of leadership of numerous groups over the years I can tell you that this subject comes up all the time simply because people just don't understand the role of a leader and therefore they spend a lot of time choosing or following the wrong people and ideas to their cause.

Take a moment to look at all the leaders you admire. Now think about what you know about their life and their history. Now examine if they were successful in their goals. Now think about how wide their influence was and how many people like them. Now think about the people that dislike them. Now think about what those people would say about the leaders you admire.

I can tell you after years of interacting with people there is not a single leader that every single person likes. Not even an overwhelming majority. The closest person I can think of is Jesus and there are at least a couple of billion of people that still do not believe he was that great.

Probably one of the most effective leaders ever is the person that most people love to hate. He has become the symbol of evil probably in the same breath as the Devil for many. No I am not talking about President Obama, but Adolf Hitler.

See I am trying to make a very simple point. A leader is a person that leads people. Sometimes it is their action and work that attracts their followers. Most of the time however that person was placed in charged and a large group of people dislike them.

A leader can only lead people that wish to be led. They can not force anyone to follow. No matter how loving, kind, gentle, understanding, happy, wise, wealthy, powerful they can not force anyone to willing follow. Now they can force people to unwilling follow usually by threat of force of death but that still does not mean these people believes in the leader's cause. Most of the time leaders are commanding people that do not want them as a leader.

So the next time a person asks you what makes a person a leader, asked them to specify what they mean. It will probably save you a headache. Trust me on this.  

by Grey Grymm

With all the talk of civil rights and freedom the past couple of weeks I thought it would be interesting to discuss the most hated individuals on the planet. Now we all know that Africans and their descendants are the most discriminated people on the planet going on 500 years strong but they are not the most hated. No that honor goes to the American White male.

by Grey Grymm

It seems like a lot of American Christians are having a difficult time this Independence Day and probably have been having a difficult decade. America has undergone a strong cultural shift many call a cultural war over the years and a lot of Christians feel that America has lost its moral compass. It has become difficult for many to just go about their lives. They feel threaten by those ungodly people trying to destroy their way of life.

by Grey Grymm

A funny thing happened yesterday. I shared a post on Google+ (the forgotten social network) about the ongoing media frenzy and cries from civil libertarians, individualists, and extreme liberals about the whole America spying thing. 

by Grey Grymm

Over the past couple of years I have watched in vivid living color one of the first lessons I learned about human beings, they hate change. It doesn't matter their religion, age, intelligence, economic status, gender, or any of the myriad of things we assign this phenomena, humans hate change.

by Grey Grymm

Mother's Day is a holiday that so many people love. It is the day so many take to thank their mothers for all the things they have done to make their lives better. People thank them for giving them birth, feeding them, clothing them, teaching them, and loving them. Everyone loves their mother and in our society only the most heartless person doesn't love and appreciate their mother.

by Grey Grymm

Today I had the unfortunately pleasure of having this question come up again in my life. It was not the first time. It will not be the last time. It is not even the first time this year. It is a question that has been asked over and over again my entire life. The answer today is the same as it pretty much has always been, I don't care.

by Grey Grymm

There was a time when you said family, you did not have to take time to explain what that meant, but those days are long gone. Today a family can mean any combination of people in many different ways. Some people think that is great. Other people think it marks the beginning of the end of the world.

by Grey Grymm

One of the major complaints I personally hear often from women about men, is that men no longer treat women like ladies. They instead treat women just like they do men and women are not happy about it. Equality has had an unwanted result on the lives of many women and it is something that many women today detest.