by Myckelle P. Williams

God isn't your personal 'matchmaker'! It burns me up when folks use Him to secure a relationship (God SAID we supposed to be together) keep someone from leaving you (You're supposed to stay cuz God said Forgive me) or even worse, to manipulate another's mind (If you was Christian, you would...) Lying on/using God for your own SELFISH purposes~will quickly bring curses upon you!

When you get saved, there is a whole slew of folks who have never actually READ the bible, telling you how Christians are supposed to act, and suddenly it seems that they know what God needs to tell you. LOL -as if God cant tell me for Himself. My pastor once said manipulating the mind is the same as witchcraft, and anyone who attempts it is just as guilty.

People use guilt, fear, shame and a Christians love for God to twist thier will. And God doesnt even do that, because he gives us FREE WILL!!! To do right or wrong, follow Him or not. I have even seen men use the bible to get people to have sex with them. UGHH!

This is why Christians have such a BAD reputation! People treating God as if He is their personal Wild card. This was wrong from slavery to now. If we really knew the word, we would know that much of the things people SAY is in the bible, isn't even there.

I have seen women and men be hateful and abusive, and then turn around and say "Let's pray for me...please don't leave me." And these same people will barely step foot in church before all this.

Love isn't about any of those things...and if someone says they love you, but is jealous, envious, rude, self-seeking, and boastful, its AINT love!! Bottom line! 1 Cor 13 tells what true love is!

I have seen many women fall victim to men who claim to be so 'spiritual' and read the bible with the ladies, comforting them, reciting scripture, going to church with them, and counseling them (which is really the job of another woman-according to the bible) and soon they get involved sexually, because now the women has fallen in love with the God she 'sees' in him. Afterwards, they both slowly leave church, and the man got what he was looking for in the first place. Its a dangerous game to play when you pretend to be 'spiritual' for your own purposes. True Hypocrites/Fakes/Liars!

The bible says true worship is simply obedience. So if they were really all that  'spiritual', they would have referred this woman to another woman that can minister to her, prayed for her, and kept themselves from adding to that woman's hurt,misery, and confusion by getting sexual with her.

If A MAN IS TRULY SPIRITUAL, he will be abstinent, celebrate, and living what he preaches-and encourage you to do the same!! If he is telling you that he is 'trying' and/or 'fighting the urges' it is BS..he is walking on the FENCE, and playing both sides. He is likely a spiritual manipulator


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