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Where does all the confusion within Christianity come from? Why does everyone think that THEIR way is the RIGHT and ONLY way? I always see a lot of people expressing their views, but I don't see a lot of people willing to LISTEN to what anyone else has to say.

My last show is probably the one that has generated the most upset email from people that are all suppose to be Christians, yet they believe that various people were flat out "wrong". I have gotten this from all sides. Keep in mind I did not express any of my views on the show. So all the people (those that are still here that is) that want to tell me how I am absolutely WRONG, please show me how you are absolutely RIGHT. For those that missed it, you can listen to the show here:
What is the meaning of Christianity
Also this goes without saying, but someone suggested that I point this out to those that somehow may be confused. I speak only for Gyan Gather. No one else. The topics we discuss are not always my personal views. I may not agree with your opinion about anything. It does not mean I do not respect it, just that I disagree with it. I do not know about your personal situations and none of my topics are directed at any specific person. I am a man, if I have something to say to you I will say it to you directly. Everyone on my page is an adult and is treated as such. So if you prefer to act like a child, then you are free to do so. Everyone will see your behavior and form their own opinions.

Also I do not go around to other people's pages and belittling them. I do not make comments that they do not approve ie I am not going to tell them about God if they do not wish to hear about God. I do not force anyone to comment on any topic I bring up. If somehow it offends you then please do not comment. If you decide to delete me, I am not going to re-add you especially if you did not speak to me like an adult beforehand. I want to keep my page open to all, but I have too many people that want to delete and block me, but then they still want to comment on my topics. Don't understand it but they do it.

And I do not have any crew, followers, clique, or anything like this. Everyone is expressing their OWN opinions. If you have a problem with something they say then direct it at them directly not towards me. They are more than willing and capable of responding to you.

Lastly I have said it before and I will say it again. Everything that I speak about when it comes to my Christian beliefs comes from the Holy Bible (pick your translation). They are not my personal opinion because when it comes to Christianity I don't have a personal opinion, I live to follow the Word of God. So if you have a problem with something that is stated then you are free to take it up with the Heavenly Father if you believe in the Bible being the true Word of God. Even if you don't believe in the Bible as being true then you still know where my views come from. They do not change and I make no apologies for them. People that actually know and have studied the Bible already know where what I say comes from, if you don't then you can ask or better yet take the time to study it yourself.

Now I love you all so let's not make this so hard. Golden rule is not a hard standard to live by. I hope this is something that we all do in all aspects of our lives.


09/26/2011 10:44pm

Wouldn't Christianity encompass following Jesus footsteps, isn't he is the model to imitate. (1 Peter 2:21)
Jesus stated at Matt.16:24 if we want to follow him, we will make following him our primary focus in life. Of course, we must provide for our financial needs, however, Jesus emphasized seeking Kingdom interest first. (Matt.6::33)
With that being said, a follower of Jesus will preach what Jesus preached. His message centered on preaching the good news of God's Kingdom. (Luke 4:43; 8:1) Jesus foretold that during his presence/coming, the end of times (Matt.24:3) that the good news of the kingdom would be preached in all the inhabited earth.(Matt.24:14) Wouldn't true followers of Christ be at the forefront of that preaching work? (compare Luke 10:1; Acts 20:20)
In view of Jesus new command found at John 13:34, 35 Jesus disciples would be identified by the love they have among themselves. (compare Acts 20:20)
At Matt.7:13,14 Jesus does not teach that there are many roads leading to life, he states one road, as reiterated at Eph.4:4-6. Also, at Matt.7:21-23 Jesus points out that many would claim to be his followers but are not doing God's will and would not be excepted.
One identifying mark of Jesus followers is that they would be objects of hatred by all all people. (Matt.10:22)
Another identifier of Jesus followers is found at John 15:17-21. They are "no part of the world" that is alienated from God and all this world's features. (compare 1 John 2:15-17)
Jesus proclaimed God's word is truth (John 17:17) So followers of Jesus would establish their beliefs based on Scripture not their own philosophies. (John 7:18)
Jesus made God's name known. (John 17:6,26) Wouldn't his followers proclaim God's name also, just like the psalmist at Psalms 83:18 (KJV)?
Since, Jesus relied on the Scriptures for teaching, shouldn't his followers. Christian life and qualities should be based on the moralities taught in the Scriptures. 1 Cor.6:9-11 sets the standard for Christian life with the emphasis found at verse 11, "that is what some of you were", not are!


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