by Diyah Pinckney

During this weekend, dont forget to take the time to thank all who made it possible for us to be a mom. including fathers. Regardless of what they have done since the child has been existence, the child would still not be here if the life inside them was not planted inside us. Ladies also remember not to make yourselves your own idol on this day. all glory goes to the Most High and the Most High alone. Exodus 20: 1-6
by Shani Fenderson

How many times do you say, "Imma do me, boo." or "I have free will here on earth to do whatever I desire!" This may make some of you mad but this life is not about whatever you desire or want.

Free will actually means that the Creator knows the choices that you will make (both good or bad). Free from what will; better yet, free from Whose will? Lets see here…….. The option of will was given to you at the time of birth, you either follow it or not once you are older and become aware. It doesn’t mean free reign without repercussion.