by Grey Grymm

Matthew 10:33

But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.

Yes I serve God. Yes I am a follower of Jesus Christ. It is who I am. It defines who I am. I keep God first and foremost in everything that I do. I am finding out that this is a difficult concept for Americans and some others to grasp. For many people religion and beliefs (dirty words in today’s world) are just a pair of clothes, that can be removed and changed at will.

by Grey Grymm

I have seen quite a few articles written this past week about how religion makes people stupid. Just using that phrase alone sets the negative tone of the conversation. It is Easter week so nothing is really surprising about all of this. Attacking Jesus has become a sport for the 2 - 6% of the US population that are self proclaimed Atheists. What they might find surprising is the number of religious people that agree with a lot of the things that they say. That's right, both Atheists and ultra conservative Christians use the very same arguments when they attack the religious beliefs of others.

by Tyler Williams

Too many times we feel defeated. We feel worthless. We feel powerless. Less than nothing.

Too many times we think God can't help us. God can't hear us. God hates us.

Too many times we turn to pills, porn, and many other things to feel good about our self.

Too many times we put God on the back burner.

Too many times we say "NO" to God, and think we can only trust ourselves.
by Dwayne Reed

THE Catholic Review said that those who complained felt “that we have no right, in this ecumenical (interfaith) age, to publish anything that anybody might consider critical of any religious group.” Do you agree?Many persons would answer “Yes,” saying that ‘there is good in all religions’ or that ‘all religions lead to God.’ Yes, many individuals feel that this is the time for a liberal, ecumenical (interfaith) outlook.