by  Terrence Lui  

It is being reported that Microsoft's Xbox 360 console had a fantastic month of November by selling 1.7 Million units. It will easily ship the most number of consoles among the big three this holiday season. 

I love the story of Microsoft's Xbox. When it first came out, Xbox was a joke. It was big and ugly and the PS2 was so dominant nobody thought it had a chance in hell to break through. I mean really, what the heck did Microsoft know about game consoles? Microsoft threw billions of dollars at the problem and every quarter people would laugh and say Microsoft was just wasting their time. Nobody is laughing now.  

by Grey Grymm

If you have followed me for anytime you know how I feel about HP. You know how I feel about the Touchpad. It was a device that looked like it was built by committee instead of just designed to be good.

I like a lot of other people have not been behind HP this year. Their surprising move to end the PC unit and kill webOS made everyone in the business and tech world scratch their heads in amazement.

by DePaul Fort

Yeah....I said it  and I mean it. I know this will offend a lot of people. It has already cost me a few friends,  but the truth hurts sometime. So let's take a look at the list.

1. Invent middle names that declare their mantra of the moment such as Keisha blessedandbeautiful Johnson or T’Andrea OhSoClassssssy Washington.