by Grey Grymm

I am still alive. I know I have been silent but my father always told me that if you do not have anything to say then be quiet. Well that is exactly what I have been doing. When your readers seem like the same group over and over again until something new comes along then there is no point in repeating the same message. This is probably why I love writing about technology and science over politics and social issues.

So what is it that got me to stick my head out of the hole, breast. Now of course that is not going to be surprising coming from a man. We all know that men love breast. Heck women love breast. A lot of energy goes into breasts. They are very important.

Equally important is breast feeding. Far too many women do not breast feed their children for various reasons including taboos, work, and lifestyle. I have met many women that found the thought of breast feeding to be repulsive. To them it is a sexual thing. Providing food for their children seems barbaric and ancient. Nothing a proper modern woman would do.

 So this story found its way into my hole. Apparently there is this outrage about some doctor who has decided that she wants to breast feed her 3-year old son. To top the story off she decided to pose for the cover of Time with breast exposed and her son nursing. Now as an artist and photographer just writing that knows that is going to put strong emotions in a lot of people, mostly bad. It is an in your face image that we see more and more of each day in the good old USA. It is the kind of thing that terrifies a large part of the population because they are just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Others probably think it is the most mild thing out there giving how much sex sells these days.

Now I did not do any research into the story beyond what was told to me and what I saw at the local news stand that caught my eye. I am not even going to give my opinion ( I know that is shocking to anyone that knows me). The only thing I am going to say is that no matter how old I get I will always be amazed at the power of breasts. They make grown men scream and old women cry. Not many things can say that. Well I guess vaginas do more.
Carry on. I am going back to my hole.



Richard Lombard
05/20/2012 5:35pm

Glad to see you are still alive.


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